Professional Boundaries Training

Course Title: Professional Boundaries


This course is designed to equip all learners with a greater understanding of the issues surrounding Professional Boundaries. It challenges us to consider our current professional relationships and what the implications are throughout our interactions with services users, clients or customers.

Who should attend?

This course is intended for all health and social care professionals who may come into contact with users of their service.

How long does the course last?

This course is delivered over a half or full day (3 or 6 hours).

Course Content
  • The professional relationship – characteristics.
  • Building a profile of a person that we come into contact with or work with on a day-today basis.
  • Understanding the professional relationship with our service users, clients or customers.
  • Implications of overstepping the mark.
  • Role description – are we clear?
  • Professional interactions to achieve good outcomes – getting it right.
  • Knowledge test or workbook to measure level of learning
By the end of the course, learners will:
  • Have a greater understanding of the professional relationship.
  • Apply key features of the professional relationship to someone that we currently work with.
  • Be aware of key legislation relating to professional boundaries and view this with respect to our individual roles.
  • Increase knowledge of how we can support someone in a positive manner in order to achieve good outcomes for the service user and the service that we work in.
  • Consider the next steps to developing their respective skill set for working in this field.

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