Root Cause Analysis Training

Course Title: Root Cause Analysis


This course provides a detailed understanding of identifying a range of potential root causes; how to select the most likely root cause; how to investigate; identify potential solutions; decide on the optimum solution having assessed the risks; assess the risk associated with delivering the solution and the resistance to, implementing the solution.

Who should attend?

Any professional involved in solving quality related problems.

How long does the course last?

2 full days

Course Content
  • Defining and specifying the problem
  • Selecting the most likely root causes using ‘cause and effect’ and ‘why why’
  • Brainstorming and voting techniques
  • Task Analysis -Identifying the most likely root cause
  • Validating and agreeing the root cause
  • Understanding and stating the objectives for the solution
  • Developing potential solutions using ‘how how’
  • Improving the solution using value analysis
  • Assessing the risks and making the decision using risk-based decision making
  • Assessing the implementation risks using failures mode and effects analysis
  • Assessing resistance using force field analysis and implementing the solution.
By the end of the course, learners will:
  • Gain a basic understanding of the problem solving and decision-making process and the applicable quality tools
  • To develop specific competencies to use the structured approach to problem solving and decision making and the supporting quality tools.
  • Develop the tools needed to really make a difference to their organizations

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