Why Knights absorb?

If you’re looking for expert staff training and development at a cost-effective price, with a clear focus on customer care, Knights Absorb can help.

We understand that your team are your greatest asset. Staff training and development has tremendous benefits for a company, from boosting team morale and reducing staff turnover, to increasing skill-sets and enabling you to achieve your company targets. We will work with you to develop a complete understanding of your situation so that we can develop the perfect training plan for you.

The success of your strategy is of paramount importance to us. Your goals are our goals; we aim to increase retention, drive performance and boost the productivity of your staff. Our commitment to high quality training is absolute.

Here’s a few reasons why Knights Absorb staff training may be right for you:

Training expertise

We work with the very best of UK staff trainers to ensure excellent quality training courses. Each of our trainers go through a stringent recruitment process before being accepted by Knights, ensuring you will have a trainer who is an expert in their field. They have many years experience in their sector and are handpicked for each of our clients.


Cost-effective training

You need it to save time. That’s why we have a simple pricing structure; our training courses are offered on a daily rate pricing model, ensuring you are fully aware of all expected costs, and enabling you to structure your team’s time around half day, one day or multiple day courses.


Ease of use

Knights can manage the entire training process for you, whether you want a one off course or a fully managed service, we are there to deliver the perfect staff training and development courses for your business.


Dedicated Customer Services Manager

You will benefit from having your own Customer Services Manager, who will dedicate their time to working with you and ensuring you are getting quality, bespoke and up-to-date training.


Commitment to great customer service

Knights are committed to providing its customers with the highest quality of products and services. We achieve such quality and excellence by paying careful attention to detail, conducting ongoing analysis of our work, and promoting continuous improvement in everything we do.


Always advancing

Your business won’t stand still, and neither will we. This requires innovation, creativity and flexibility, which sits in our foundations to ensure that our people can adapt quickly to changing conditions. From Virtual Reality modules, to expert trainers with their finger on the pulse, we value the intelligent use of technology to allow us to innovate, operate more efficiently, and continuously improve our customer service.

Knights Agency have national coverage which is local to you through our regional teams

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide exceptional learning and development courses with instructor-led training that meets, and aims to exceed, our client’s needs. We will work closely with our clients to ensure their staff are highly trained removing any unnecessary knowledge gaps, thus enabling our clients to meet their overall business aims and objectives.

We aim to make every client feel truly valued. Knights achieve such excellence in service through expert knowledge, innovation and teamwork, with honesty and integrity at the root of every decision.

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